Update From Platinum Properties - COVID-19

Update from Scott Morrison Regarding COVID-19

For an update directly from the office of the Prime Minister Scott Morrison, please head to the link below:


In regards to communication with our office in the current global situation:

Our tenants and landlords need to head to the appropriate government agencies when seeking advice regarding rental reductions and/or assistance until such time, that the government provides a media release directly regarding these items. 

If at any time, we receive an update that we feel needs to be shared with our clients, you will be emailed the information directly.

In the meantime, please only call our office (0755007000) when there is an emergency as we are receiving an unusually large amount of calls, and they are taking longer than usual to handle the items being discussed in the current climate.

I'm sure everyone can appreciate that these times are unprecedented for us all, but ringing our office with heated behavior when we don't have the answer you'd like, will not be tolerated.  Please understand we are human, under incredible pressure and increased workloads right now and this does not look set to end any time soon.  We are also in the very same situation as the general public when we go home and no additional certainty is provided to us either.  We are in the same position as you!

We really appreciate your support at this time.

Kind Regards,

The Platinum Properties Team

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