COVID-19 Update for Tenants (24/03/2020)

COVID-19 Update for Tenants (24/03/2020)


We have been inundated with questions regarding rental payments over the last week, given the uncertain times we are all experiencing.

As of today's date (this may change in future), rental payments will need to continue to be paid as normal, under the conditions of your Residential Tenancy Agreement.

Rent payments are an essential part of a tenancy and in most cases, without rental payments, the Landlord is unable to afford the mortgage to keep your tenancy in place. The continuation of your rental flow, will enable the Landlord to pay the required outgoing costs including bills, mortgage and relevant insurances, associated with your home.

We understand that some households may experience times of hardship in some way, during this uncertain and turbulent period.  However, at this point in time, we are required to follow the usual protocol in respect to rental payments and arrears; non-payment of rent will still result in us having to issue a ‘Form 11- Notice to Remedy Breach’, followed by a ‘Form 12- Notice to Leave’, if required.

Please don’t forget that we are people as well and abuse will not be tolerated.  We are also being affected in one way or another during this time. We want to avoid the worst from happening and whilst we are not in a position to advise of a strategy going forward, we encourage you to consider the following:

– Have you had a discussion with your Employer as to whether your job is likely to be reinstated once the health crisis subsides?
– Do you know that you can contact the Department of Workplace Relations for guidance around employment during this time? More information can be found here.
– Are you covered by an insurance policy for Income Protection Insurance?
– Have you engaged with Centrelink with respect to an allowance which will likely also include rental assistance?
– Have you checked with your Superannuation Fund as to whether you can access your superannuation early?
– If you have any mortgages or personal loans, have you checked with your financier as to whether you can pause payments due to hardship?

Should your ability to pay rent be affected in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me by email, so we can work with you and the Landlord to ensure that everyone is impacted as little as possible.

To get through this difficult and uncertain time we all need to work together and communication is key.

The Platinum Properties Team

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