Five Top Tips For Selling Your Gold Coast Home Faster

Selling your Gold Coast home takes more than just getting a few pictures and throwing it up on a few websites. In a changing market, achieving a premium price in a short time frame requires a serious strategy. Here's ten top tips from the expert Gold Coast real estate agents at Platinum Properties.


1: Price Your Gold Coast Home Right

Before you speak to agents to list your Gold Coast home for sale, make sure you understand the market.

It's easy today to find out what nearby homes are selling for. There's plenty of free information on & for you to be able to get a pretty good idea yourself what your home will realistically sell for.

The downside to all this free data is that buyers also know what other homes are selling for. Today's buyers are more educated than ever.

So if you price your home too high, buyers just won't show up. Your agent's phone won't ring & your open homes will be like a ghost town.

Get your price right from day one, and get the right buyers in straight away.


2: Have A Strategy In Place To Market Your Gold Coast Home

The best agents who achieve the top prices always have a proven marketing strategy. And these strategies will always include multiple marketing channels.

Different buyers come from different places, so the best marketing strategies are those that cast the widest net to attract the most buyers, locally, nationally & even globally.

Buyers of northern Gold Coast homes often come from social media such as Facebook, Instagram & YouTube as well as traditional means including agent databases, newspapers, magazines, flyers, open homes and portals such as &


3: Present Your Gold Coast Home Like A Display Home

Take a Saturday drive to the nearest new housing development and immerse yourself in the collection of new display homes. 

These homes are professionally staged to excite the senses and get visitors emotionally attached.

Furniture & decorations are carefully selected to effectively use the spaces to make the rooms look larger.

The are always sparkling, clean, bright, and smell beautiful.

Some when you're preparing your home, take note of these designs ideas. 

Minimise the furniture to emphasise space. Big beds & lounge suites can make rooms feel smaller, so remove or downsize larger items.

Make sure the home is kept spotless. Attend to maintenance issues, and make sure the house smells fresh


4: Professionally photograph your home

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And today, the first impression is online or in the newspaper. So it's essential to have amazing photographs of the home.

Today, there are plenty of great real estate photographers on the Gold Coast who are competitively priced so there's no excuse not to get amazing photos of your home.

If the budget stretches, professional video is a great tool to attract quality buyers to your home. Combined with social media marketing platforms, video advertising on Facebook & YouTube is now one of the most cost effective ways to find the best Gold Coast home buyers.


5: Choose the Best Gold Coast Real Estate Agent, not the Cheapest agent

Usually the cheapest agent will be the most expensive. What do we mean by that?

Cheap agents are cheap for a reason. They have to compete on price because they can't compete on results, skills and quality marketing.

At Platinum Properties, we're not the cheapest agents. But we have a fantastic track record of achieving record sale prices. Sometimes paying a little extra commission will put tens of thousands extra in your pocket at the end of the deal. 

Make sure you're working with an agent who know how to market your Gold Coast home to attract the Best Buyers, and has the negotiation skills to extract every last cent out of these buyers.


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