Selling your Gold Coast home? Freshen Up The Front!

With summer upon us, now’s a great time to get your Gold Coast home ready to sell with lots of families looking to settle into a new home early in the new year.


If you’ve got a bit of downtime over the Christmas holidays, spending a little bit of money and a few days of effort could potentially add tens of thousands to the sale price of your home.


They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But when it comes to real estate, your first impression is everything. A great looking front yard will have a massive impact on the achievable sale price so here’s five quick & cheap ideas to add massive value from your local property expert, Joe Farr from Farr Real Estate.


#1 - Power wash the driveway. It might look clean, but once you blast away the dirt & grime that’s built up over the years, you’ll notice a huge difference. Same goes for pavers, porch, and the whole front of the house if you’ve got exposed brick.


#2 - Get a new letterbox. A shiny, modern letterbox will make a world of difference. Go for something that suits the neighbourhood but is a little unique & upmarket.


#3 - Green up the grass. Make sure it gets plenty of water & fertiliser before you hit the market, and keep it mowed for the duration of the marketing campaign. If it’s a bit daggy, look into re-turfing, or tear it up and replace with stones or bark chips.


#4 - Add some basic landscaping. Take a drive around the neighbourhood & make note of the homes you like or check out the local builder’s display homes, then head down to the local nursery & do some plant shopping. Keep it simple & go for hardy natives that won't die before the house is sold. Less is more, big plants make the yard look smaller so don’t be afraid to give established plants a really good prune to open up the view to the house.


#5 - Finally, do some painting. A freshly painted front door will do wonders, and if you have older timber window frames or daggy looking gutters, make sure to get them a go over too. Same goes for the front fence if you’re timber or rendered brick.


If you’re itching to get started, our local real estate agents at Farr Real Estate can be your partners through the entire process of putting your house on the market to getting it sold. Get in touch with Joe Farr & our expert agents. We’re more than happy to pop around and give you a personalised recommendation of what you can do to add more value to your home. Most of our team will still be working through the holiday period so call 0422 400 680 or 5500 7000 for a chat with your local expert.

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